IOTA robot club apes

First OG IOTA robot club apes. The design is created with a purpose to let the world show what IOTA has already build.


Soon will be launched


Soon will be launched

First OG IOTA robot club apes. The design is created with a purpose to let the world show what IOTA has already build. We want to welcome every community who were with us like Cardano,Ethereum, solana,XRP/Ripple, Binance, polkadot community  and more.. Everything is done legally through our contract designer. We are neither listed on any NFT platform nor copied from websites beside Soonaverse launch soon.  If someone copy us on other NFT platforms,they will be  sued. We have a team in Law background.

We want to bring the classic old way back by mixing IOTA +club apes. Club apes have historically a popular niche that are here to stay.

We have a team of 3 strong people who are since the beginning in the NFT world:

NFT designer

marketing strategist

Strong partners through Soonaverse like, Tanglebees, IOTA Fireflies, iotapian smart city and more (soon) Check our alliances on Soonaverse and Twitter regulary for partnerships

We are the FIRST ape club and we have strong dedication to bring this OG project to the moon. We don’t want to rush launching our project. We’re analysing every project how smooth they are sold out. We haven’t seen any large NFT collection been selling out in less than hour. We’ve seen some good collection selling out in matter of time like LendeXe, Soonlabs and Soonaut. A Mckinsey showed that companies where women comprised at least one third of executive roles were more likely to outperform companies with fewer women in leadership positions- by as much as 48%.Vitalik Buterin concern is the the issue about the gap between men and women in the NFT world. NFT’s/crypto are heavily male dominated. In a hypothetical room of 100, only 12 are women in the blockchain world. That’s why IotaApes aim to ensure women feel comfortable in our community and bring more awareness. By having more female representation, other women who are interested can feel more comfortable, connected, and encouraged to get into the space.

We’ve been encouraged to launch our IOTA ape coin/token but to do that there should be utility to survive. At this moment we’ve been talking with 2 partners wo want to collab to have REAL utility. More up-dates will come soon. Further we want reward our community by their contribution through  social media. Everywhere you mention us with the hashtag #iotaapes  or linking to our social media, website ,twitter, talking good vibes about us on twitter, twitch, youtube, instagram, stocktwits etc.,.. will be rewarded. We will reward our community also who defend/protect us on Twitter, social media against FUD, people telling us  we’re scam who want to bring floor prices down so they can buy for cheap prices. So we’re basically against all FUD, negativity etc. We’ll find a model after our NFT launch. So basically every large social media that bring us in attention and grow our twitter page and floor price. Keep following our twitter page  for more updates @IotaApes

How to connect with soonaverse and buy with firefly or tanglepay



Every IOTA robot ape has a meaning

powered by the tangle









We have strong dedication and a very big community on SOONAVERSE

Our roadmap

Soon will be launched

powered by the tangle


Most frequent questions and answers

1 may 2022 at 14:00 CET

101 limited presale

remaining 4899 in different seasons.

more than 200 traits: background color, foot, different faces,different color robot apes,logo’s, laser eyes etc…

A detailed rarity page will be uploaded on our website and twitter once our collection is sold out

100 Mi (MIOTA)

  • The IOTA Tangle is an innovative type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) environment.
  • Tangle was created with the promise of high scalability, no fees, and near-instant transfers.
  • It surpasses the traditional blockchain model
  • Some people asked us if we have license of our NFT collections  and the answer is yes as we said we’re doing everything legally through our contract designer.We are not listed on any NFT platform beside Soonaverse soon. Our NFT collections are unique on its own. They  are not copied  from websites. If someone copy us on other NFT platforms,they will be sued. We have a team in Law background.
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